Hanne Christiansen Høie is a norwegian artist, healer and inner freedom coach.

Her inspiration is nature and mother earth. She is led by the divine feminine and is here to light up the world.

Hanne has helped many people to find their inner light and true meaning, to live a soul led life.

"I dedicate myself to each painting, spending as much time, energy and presence as the painting needs. Some paintings needs many months to finish. Others show themself sooner.

Every painting has been important in my own process, and has qualities I want to share with you."

´Hanne is deeply grounded in Mother Earth, honoring all her beings and all life. Her path to inner truth and wisdom is groundbreaking. Her gifts to the world are abundant and she radiates love. She brings the people aroud her into more love for themselves, into stillness and deep waters. She carries a torch of love and light in the world, as she lets her light shine brighter and brigther. She is a gift for these times.´ 

- Divine Feminine

Hanne is also a spiritual mentor and offers programs, retreats and workshops, for the time being in Norwegian.