Healing Art

- Art with Intention


My intention is to light you up from the inside.

The artwork collection offered will remind you of who you are, behind all your conditioning and stories - your soul.

Each artwork is infused with, and made with healing energy.

The artwork will raise your vibrations and also the vibrations in the space it is in.

The artwork you get from the collection, will be dedicated to you.

Through a Sacred Ceremony the artwork will be connected to you.

"Divine Masculine"

The Healing Artwork collection

"Inner Balance"

Travelling to the stars and back. Being here on earth.


Something new and exeptional is in the process of being created through you.

"Deep rest"

Letting yourself luxuriate in all that you need, allowing yourself to rest deeply, being held by Mother Earth.


Hanne´s artwork gives me daily joy!

Tove Semb

Your artwork is so powerful - it radiates love.